endless fire flaming / burning me to question / heaven and hell / honest

Created by Paul Hannon

beggar whispering / desires burning / aches in endless question / of joyful escapes

Created by Mark Power

desires waiting answer / mind breathes fire / broken burning / clear power

Created by Anonymous

heard people question / twisted broken touched / like me / fools sitting glowing peace

Created by Anonymous

people walking sleeping broken building shouting / buddhas thinks grasps breathes waiting / desires deluded careful silent mind /

Created by tea

joyful fences burning / honest war gods waiting / flashes question us / walking thoughts glowing

Created by Veronica Newton

burning armor falling / aches endless blossoms / walking sitting glowing question /

Created by yeshe

clear scarred endless glowing / beggar gate taste grasps / bowl honest whispering / us and me

Created by Anonymous

sitting stones / love the hell within you / go rebel beggar /

Created by Anonymous

falling snakes and buddhas / visions seen when sleeping / endless flashes within /

Created by Anonymous

/ joyful is / blossoms falling / deep love

Created by Anonymous

heaven building / we fools when touched / heard hell /

Created by robert tomlinson