sword flashes mind on fire / flaming buddha breathes love / rebel comes peace blossoms / joyful reality

Created by Renee' S

walking escapes falling things / war a shallow hell blossoms / the scarred beggar thinks of buddhas sitting / and defends the fools with love

Created by magnetmessenger

walking buddha breathes / burning thoughts / in to the glowing sword / of love

Created by TheBuddhaWay

history breathes a heaven question / scarred people walking on blurs / shallow trendy deluded it aches / no answer escapes

Created by Nita

question brittle fences / locked honest sleeping fools / waiting can taste shocking / silent rebel sitting

Created by caitlin

peace aches careful / of whispering things and mind / building visions / if history blurs with war

Created by Anonymous

walking fools / dogs building gods / shocking defends / joyful blossoms

Created by Anonymous

/ a question / if you answer / buddha mind flashes

Created by Merrilee

deep / love / grasps no clouds

Created by Rannoch

sleeping deluded broken grasps / falling within silent question escapes thoughts / walking waiting sitting touched deep peace / breathes blossoms visions love

Created by Niki Reid

sleeping desires falling / locked in war clouds / whispering buddhas glowing

Created by A.H. Jessup

/ the silent beggar breathes out endless love / buddha blossoms within

Created by Harry Bellemare