rebel grasps the sword / burning broken power / falling being / flaming buddha within

Created by Cassandra

broken scarred twisted locked / shouting defends gate breathes armor / without falling grasps not trendy love / clear joyful honest beggar

Created by Jason Lhayi Phonya Mierek

gods deluded mind / breathes brittle thoughts / whispering within / waiting

Created by Anonymous

/ broken beggar with question thoughts / escapes locked stones / and breathes power arrows

Created by ariel

love comes without question / when careful taste blurs history

Created by tiffany

buddhas mind is silent deep no flaming visions / endless desires deluded thoughts / sword flashes / rebel beggar goes clear

Created by GenRo

why taste endless arrows / when within things / peace goes walking and / breathes

Created by joyce

people walking by / twisted brittle bones / reality is the gate / buddha breathes in you

Created by Rachelle Willoughby

broken whispering defends glowing gods / touched clear under alien bones / peace thinks if rebel breathes

Created by dan

/ walking waiting visions / endless heaven breathes

Created by Anonymous

scarred words shouting whispering / comes walking sitting waiting burning / back for visions flashes with silent peace / a joyful beggar thinks deep endless question

Created by john

glowing armor / walking thoughts / touched words

Created by Anonymous