breathes honest / silent love / stones touched whispering clouds / fish heard burning bowl

Created by aneesha

honest walking breathes glowing rebel / won by / fire within

Created by Ma Nature

endless shouting thoughts / whispering glowing question / silent waiting visions / joyful being

Created by dave

beggar whispering silent words / under falling blossoms / breathes aches desires / peace

Created by Anonymous

joyful desires aches glowing bones / gods fire flashes burning visions / touched blossoms breathes besides / peace whispering comes silent

Created by Cascadia

you touched sleeping rebel / waiting silent within / locked under endless thoughts / it breathes in out careful

Created by val

shallow endless thoughts / a silent hell / rebel love comes shouting

Created by val

within shouting words / sword flashes of sleeping visions

Created by Michele

words being sexy / if you desires me heard

Created by laura

sexy burning bones / glowing under brittle armor / flaming like joyful arrows

Created by Candace

whispering shouting / visions shocking burning me / thoughts building not touched

Created by Steph

reality escapes us when / shallow people scarred without thoughts / blurs visions within the mind

Created by tim02