whispering thoughts escapes me / gods love defends all being / breathes falling shallow / buddhas bones blossoms

Created by Becky

endless question without answer / taste like clouds on me

Created by Anonymous

blossoms / sword

Created by nobody s phantom

/ burning war endless within / joyful people desires peace

Created by Anonymous

endless is the war within / sleeping / silent / reality whispering buddha

Created by Rich B

reality blossoms / the buddha is you

Created by Stephen Daniels

glowing people waiting to love / silent joyful sitting / broken blossoms touched us / buddha is within

Created by anonymous

words building visions without reality / mind grasps thoughts / honest clear lines equal silent power / then deluded desires answer no question

Created by Moi

whispering sleeping mind waiting for answer / building twisted desires / visions of peace without endless escapes / glowing within

Created by Moi

the deluded snakes / whispering words of desires / heard them then reality is like hell / heaven is the mind when burning them

Created by Rahula

endless thoughts without answer / then love comes / whispering who we can equal / if rebel buddha blossoms within

Created by Moi

silent without history / fish buddhas glowing deep / under burning clouds / waiting for endless blossoms

Created by Piotr Pawlowski