whispering gods / silent desires / love defends fools / deluded words waiting

Created by Anonymous

sitting is burning / waiting buddhas rebel mind / like whispering clouds /

Created by Anonymous

thoughts heard / whispering clouds / shouting love /

Created by e

people desires trendy iPhone / broken deluded reality / and defends with sword /

Created by Shasta

/ cats sleeping by fire / silent flaming visions / gods glowing love

Created by Brenda Morris

bones broken with stones / shallow desires shouting thoughts / honest deep question can fire love / flaming joyful buddha blossoms

Created by Ann Awn E. Mouse

endless walking in words / twisted hell of thoughts / joyful dogs love bones / all buddhas heaven touched

Created by d.hiers

fences glowing / scarred silent / besides whispering fools / honest people question

Created by britt

gods escapes endless / buddhas blossoms within us / whispering breathes heard / thoughts silent power

Created by Aikido32

buddhas mind flashes / whispering bones / clouds heard / rebel snakes in love

Created by Anonymous

waiting / flashes silent clear / shouting burning endless /

Created by Steph

trendy buddha grasps / beggar / whispering won / touched falling

Created by Anonymous