comes taste / when deluded walking and broken buddhas / won scarred shallow fish

Created by Jack Silverman

shouting shocking glowing flaming / walking whispering / flashes of stones / building falling sleeping

Created by Barbara

silent answer / comes / whispering

Created by Kev

the twisted mind breathes fire / then sitting silent / the clear answer is love

Created by sue

the broken mind / touched with silent peace / is a gate falling / gods glowing answer

Created by Sherri

she thinks love is scarred whispering words / breathes defends aches within

Created by Tina

taste honest peace by glowing / with shocking flashes of no thoughts / sleeping gods you me us sitting silent / he who breathes is joyful buddha

Created by Sharrhan

sitting and waiting with thoughts burning / we heard buddhas whispering / love in mind / clear silent reality

Created by HG

whispering clear clouds careful besides me / building with joyful thoughts in touched of me / why love aches endless flaming desires deep / waiting for answer by you

Created by Anonymous

sitting defends brittle and endless mind / burning deluded snakes with a sword of fire / shouting rebel aches

Created by Anonymous

buddhas in blossoms / dogs with bones / me twisted under aches / all whispering love us

Created by Michael

being deluded / she grasps / falling blossoms / a brittle peace

Created by elly