no clear answer / desires thinks aches grasps / then breathes / endless

Created by Anonymous

endless locked desires fools sexy gods / question us why flaming heaven and the / honest silent hell reality breathes within a / shocking sleeping mind touched by buddha

Created by Diane

endless peace touched / me in broken lines / and deluded visions

Created by cherub

sitting bones twisted back flaming visions / all aches then / careful blossoms answer / silent endless question within of why

Created by KALI

shouting bones answer deep desires / with joyful words of love

Created by Elizabeth

waiting deluded thinks to question power / scarred flashes of love besides equal / flaming boxes iPhone beggar hell / brittle escapes blurs with words

Created by Anonymous

deep back comes sexy rebel / walking / being

Created by hebsgaard

locked answer / silent flashes / grasps heaven

Created by Jenn C

aches breathes falling / broken armor flaming / rebel buddha glowing / peace comes whispering

Created by Skiv Rasmussen

glowing clouds / joyful fools / love defends them

Created by Jan

all things heard and seen / breathes within the rebel buddha / when we question with deep love / reality blossoms clear and joyful

Created by Cindy Hively

waiting sexy desires can twisted / reality

Created by Anonymous