Dan Morris is a Certified Indoor Environmentalist, with 30 years experience as an environmental engineer, building designer, homebuilder, indoor air quality consultant, and photographer.

As a mechanical engineer for McDonnell Douglas Corporation, Dan designed and tested environmental control systems for manned spacecraft.

He has written two indoor air quality books, numerous articles, and has given talks for EPA, American Lung Association, the Sustainability Certificate Program at Seattle Central Community College, AHSRAE, architects, builders, industrial hygienists, in the United States and Canada.

He founded Healthy Buildings Inc. in Seattle in 1986, which has investigated and tested over 4,000 residential, commercial, school and industrial buildings.  Dan has written healthier specifications or consulted for over 30 schools, 50 homes including Bill Gates house, and the Seattle Opera House.

Dan has been interested in photography and Eastern spirituality since the mid 1960’s.  He was one of the founders of the Bodhi Tree Bookstore in LA in 1970 has been a studying and practicing Shambhala, Zen and Tibetan Buddhism since then.  He met and studied with J. Krishnamurti and Chogyam Trungpa in those years.  Both of these great teachers had a profound respect and appreciation for our world.

He dabbled in black and white photography back then, but Shambhala Training and most recently Miksang (Tibetan for “good eye”) contemplative photography classes at the Shambhala Center in Seattle has kick started his love for abstract and luminous beauty that is all around us.