“I remember when I first started practicing, I was the most upright practicioner. I’d prefer to die from exploding rather than fart in a meditation hall. I read an interview with Pema Chodron who spoke of being a really horrible meditator and it really helped to take the pressure off (literally). It helped me realize that I don’t have to put on a front as some kind of SuperBuddhist. I can relax. Be human. Work with situations.”                                      — Tanya McGinnity


Tanya McGinnity was born in the 70’s and remembers as a wee one owning a red wooden Buddha that she received as a freebie from a visit to the Palace Grill Chinese food restaurant. She mainly used to chew on it and it left a pink splotch on her face. The first contact with the Buddha can be quite memorable and leave a mark.

In university, she developed an increased taste for Buddhism and began to read up all she could on Buddhism of all flavours. After a period of going it on her own and reading everything she could get her hands on, the little solitary practitioner then moved to Halifax and began to study and practice with the local Shambhala Centre.

A move to Montreal a year later and Tanya continued her particpation with Shambhala for several years until she discovered the Buddhist study program taught by Nalandabodhi Montreal and began to take classes with their group. After several years, she is now coordinating introductory meditation classes as well as continuing her study and practice.

She is an avid blogger, tweeter and devourer of Buddhist podcasts who is tremendously interested in the intersection of the triple jewels with the online world and seeks to maintain balance in spending time online and on the cushion. She finds it very difficult to resist the Mara-like temptation of her Mac.

Tanya blogs over at Full Contact Enlightenment where she shares her experience on the path as a Gen X punk rock Buddhist girl. She hates writing bios.