Rebel Buddha Tour hits NYC

The Rebel Buddha Tour has hit the road!  Field reporter Shane Michael Manieri offers this report from Sunday’s event in New York.  Photos by Helen Contino.

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Towards An American Buddhism

America is such a melting pot. How can we have a genuine American Buddhism? What will it look like, feel like, taste like?

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REBEL BUDDHA is winning friends and influencing people in the blogosphere

The New York Journal of Books – “…the even-handed approach that Ponlop takes toward dismantling the structures of Buddhism to let their original force emerge speaks well for his mission. He brings from his Asian upbringing into his Western livelihoodMORE…

Throwing Out Our Cultural Cushions

“When we adopt too many aspects of the culture we are learning from, we can begin to feel pressured by it. We stop relating to situations with any immediacy. Instead, we relate to what is happening in front of us through a filter of rules and regulations.”

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Rebel Buddha is here!

Rebel Buddha: On the Road to Freedom is now available. And if the author’s example is any indication, part of the spiritual path is not taking ourselves too seriously. So, in the spirit of rebel buddha, we’re introducing another fun mind-teaser: ever seen a pithy aphorism disguised as a drink ad? Go check it out.

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Dharma Practice and Language

Can I really practice dharma in my own language? Won’t something get lost in translation? What language did the Buddha actually speak?

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How Is Meditation Like a Snickers Bar?

If we want to taste the truth about our mind and our world, where should we begin? And what does meditation have in common with a Snickers?

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The Art of Buddhist Inquiry . . . Q & A with a Smile!

What’s the value of questions and questioning? How can we make the best use of our questions (and answers) to see ourselves and situations with greater clarity?

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Staying in My Cave

photo by SOCIALisBETTER on flickr

What does it mean to practice the discipline of meditation, when your kids or your co-workers are driving you nuts? When you keep making mistakes? If you can’t get away to a cave, how can you face your demons?

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Celebrity Worship & Coffee Table Dharma

Why do we look toward celebrities and even our iPhones for the truth? What about looking inside our own mind? Is coffee table dharma enough to wake us up?

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